Modules: UHQ-GeoLocate v0.90 Released!

Posted by: iunderwoodon 2010/12/16 19:05:51 5780 reads
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UHQ-GeoLocate v0.90

I'd like to present my newest creation to the XOOPS community: UHQ-GeoLocate

There's no better way to tell the story, than from the introduction:

The main reason I was inspired to write up this module was because a partner of mine asked me if I could find out where all the listeners to our radio station were tuning in from.

I pondered upon this question for awhile and thought that answering it would be a mighty fine idea. While I did log IP and reverse DNS data, there was not enough information available to me in order to make any good determination about any of my international audience. Additionally, many IPs were without reverse DNS, after which it would be someone's guess as to where our listeners were coming from.

And through my adventures, this module was born.

This document and module assume that your have some level of familiarity with PHP development as this document describes how to integrate the module and its output for your own purposes.

Of course, if you just want to show your visitors where they’re possibly coming from, there’s a block in here for that too.

This is also my first shot at making a module which can be of use to another module. Tips and pointers on how to do this better would be greatly appreciated.

Currently, the module supports IP2Location's binary file format and the IPInfoDB web API.

It's a 0.90 release because there are a few more features that I'd like to code and test before I'm truly happy with it. However, it is performing admirably in its current state where I need it to.

More information is included in the PDF, and the file may be downloaded from here: ... inglefile.php?cid=1&lid=6