Themes: Cssified Xoops Default Theme

Posted by: ianezOn 2010/11/3 21:30:13 7137 reads
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On the road of Xoops 2.5 I decided to redraw the basic old fashioned style default theme of Xoops keeping the same exact visual layout but transforming the theme in a tableless, full css version.

Changes made to the theme structure offer a more compliant and solid version of it.
Here Some of the changes made:
* Removed all tables from theme.html
* Removed style markup from left/right center block
* Fixed the object/image banner code style
* Added a fix for floating objects in center blocks divs
* Applied a slight border to fieldset tag for better block visualization
* Dublin Core Metadata (DCMI) added

The theme can show 1,2,3 columns automatically, same height columns, don't need hacks/conditionals, has a W3c valid code, it's crossbrowser and don't need
It is possible to apply images/colors as background or borders.. to all the columns (you can test this flexibility and some visual improvements by trying the default-css-test version)
The core of Default-css theme is a port of the great Holy Grail 3 column liquid-layout by Matthew James Taylor.

As you may guess the result is nothing particularly original at first sight.. but this work is obviously a proposal for a concrete possible road for Xoops theming/templating which, in my opinion, still stay a step back from other cms..
In the next feature I plan to make a more stylish/accessible version of this tableless structure and work on system templates.. hoping that the Xoops team will consider this way to approach theming in the next to come 2.5 final release..

You can view, test & download the theme HERE
(Testing on Mac/Linux will be particularly useful)