Modules: X-CURL 1.42 - API Technology for XOOPS

Posted by: wishcrafton 2010/10/18 22:25:21 4539 reads
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X-cURL 1.42

Well for awhile now I have been making API for XOOPS. What are these? Well the TLA API stands for Application Programmable Interface, this is a tool on a site that allows other sites to embed data from them with the use of an API.

Many sites use these an example of one is twitter and all the scrolly tweet feeds you can see around the place. These work with an API that has an associated username and password with the site.

I recently added to the family of API which was originally only available with SOAP with two newer titles X-cURL and X-JSON. essentially these second apis are functionally the same at this point of development.

This is hopefully the final release of X-cURL, I have been busy making a cloud with it called Xoritify which is hosted on which uses API technology to link my modules with a centralized data source. At the moment I am having to meet monthly billing straters so sometimes it is offline but most of the applications at least the cloud side is designed to goto sleep when this happens.

If you would like to download X-CURL the following links are available:

Direct: (105Kb)
Mirror: (105Kb)
SVN: (105Kb)