Themes: InsApp 1.0 Released!

Posted by: insraqon 2010/8/13 19:50:00 5769 reads
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“The Theme” for XOOPS

InsApp inherited nearly all of the well-received features of Inspire series themes.

1. Fancy header slider (Inherited from Inspire 10)
2. Slideshow (Inherited from Inspire 8)
3. Tabs integrated with XOOPS block system (Inherited from Inspire 1)
4. Cufon font repacement (Inherited from Inspire 10)
5. My Menus 1.0 supported (Inherited from InsAcademy)
6. Web 2.0 design (Inherited from Inspire 1)

And there are some new features:

1. Toggle-able right blocks
2. Out of box design for slideshow
3. Modern styled tab on front page
4. Featured area design
5. “Easy to maintain/modify” file structure.
6. Perfect for Web Apps or Projects

The block arrangement:

1. Slideshow —> Left blocks
( Block title —> URL to the image, 360px*360px; Block content —> Link to the image )
2. Font-page Tab —> Center bottom center blocks
(Block title —> Tab title; Block content —> Tab content )
3. Other blocks are displayed. You can see it in demo. Right blocks are toggle-able.


Demo Available

Lite version

There is a lite version available. You can download it free from this page. Demo is also available. You can compare between lite and premium.