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1. Fancy full screen wide Slider
2. Google webfont included: Crimson Text
3. Full block control

Demo and download

Download Page

How does the full screen wide slider work?

1. The slide image shall be as large as possible
2. The slide image is center displayed
3. The visible height is 400px and width is 100%, which depends on the screen resolution.

How to add a slide

1. Open theme.html, find the #slider ID. Add a new child div with class slide#, please replace “#” with the actual number
2. Open style.css, add a new class slide#, the definition should like this:
.slide# {background: url(URL/to/your/slide/image) no-repeat center center;}
3. Done! It might not be easy to do. Fortunately, once you’ve add a slide, you can edit it by simply replace the original image. You don’t need to go through the code again.

Customized Theme

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Customized theme homepage demo

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