Themes: Inspire X1 Available & Roadmap for future themes

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Price: Only USD 5

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Please refer to this page:


Demo Page: ... ps_theme_select=inspireX1


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1. Fancy slideshow integrated with XOOPS
2. Super menu integrated with XOOPS
3. Cufon font replacement included
4. Cantarell font included
5. Lazy load plugin included


See here:

Roadmap for future themes

There are totally 11 themes in Inspire project now. Many people say that the naming of themes is quite confusing. The number after Inspire is meaningless.

For example, Inspire 10, what does the “10” mean? Is it the version?
Well, kind of. But it is not evolved from Inspire 9.

What does the “10” tell us?
Well, basically it tells nothing.

So I decide to use a more meaningful naming method. From now on, there will be two branches of themes: free and premium.

The naming of both branches will be insSomething. “Something” will be replaced with a meaningful name, which usually indicates the character, concept or style of the theme.

For free themes, there will be a “Lite” after the name. Without any suffix, it indicates a premium theme.

And I will not release all themes in both free and premium edition. I will only release the free themes that I think are necessary to be released as free themes. And I promise for every two premium themes, I will release a free version for at least one theme.

Inspire X1 will be the last theme that is name “Inspire”.