Modules: X-cURL 1.40 - API Server for XOOPS

Posted by: wishcrafton 2010/7/15 18:10:00 4375 reads Resized Image
X-cURL 1.40 - API Server

Thousands of websites today offer their end clients API services. that is an Application Process Interface. This is an area where your clients can perform programmed functions on and with the data in your website.

It will provide the USE of cURL as an API Interface method with a series of callable plugins. This on is for the protocol cURL but the plugins from X-SOAP are identical in X-cURL.

What Can It Do for Me?

You can link with any curl compliant system with complete w3c. You can transfer data between any sort tunnel through most of not all firewalls and poll your xoops platform from with another xoops or CMS or even things like .NET, Delphi and many other programming languages.

X-cURL is the quick way for cloud computing API's, you can link your xoops platform with any other computer network with this module, plug-in have complete WSDL compilation code and allow for easy and dynamic deployment.

Whats New in this release?
The bugs in the Admin have been fixed, new language files have have been introduced as well as standardisation of the <?php call in the php files.

To Download it Click here or goto the Mirror