Themes: Inspire 3 Reborn with CSS3

Posted by: insraqon 2010/6/21 18:10:00 5465 reads
It has been a long time since I released Inspire 6. After a long rest, I decided to continue the Inspire series. The next theme is still quite far away, so I decide to rewrite Inspire 3, one of my most popular themes with CSS3. The new theme looks pretty much the same as the original theme, But it is completely rewritten. Here are the features:

1. Completely rewritten with CSS3. Compatible with Firefox 3.6 and Webkit-based browsers(Chrome, Safari).
2. Only 1 images (Redirect Indicator) is used. The theme is only 37kb zipped.
3. A new user panel instead of the old user menu.
4. The style of tab is modified as many people report to me that the original design is a little “unsuited”.
5. Add more drop shadow effect with the support of CSS3

Resized Image

Demo: ... heme_select=inspire3_css3