Modules: Webphoto module 2.13

Posted by: Anonymouson 2010/5/16 16:00:00 5367 reads released a new version of Webphoto module, which manages photos and videos in albums.

- ability to replace the template file of mail by preload
- bugs fixes:
(1) Fatal error in bin/retrieve.php
(2) Fatal error in mail_register
(3) NOT show google map in item manager
(4) Wrong total in category
(5) Fatal error in mail manager
(6) NOT continue to select the list or the table
(7) Fatal error in weblinks module
(8) NOT effective of category order and read permission in the sub menu

(1) When you unzip the zip file, there are two directories html and xoops_trust_path.
Please copy and overwrite in the directory which XOOPS correspond
(2) Execute the module update in the admin cp
(3) Execute "File Valid Check" of "Update" in webphoto's admin control,
and cofirm whether or not necessary files are set.

Demo: We Love Diving

Download: click here