YAXS: XooFoo.org offered a TV channel

Posted by: kris_fron 2010/5/9 20:20:00 4860 reads

To propose to the international community a unique place to view videos and documentation on XOOPS, XooFoo.org opened the site TV.XooFoo
In this space, we combine the videos posted on Youtube, Screenr, dailymotion, etc.

screenshot TV XooFoo

Using the Tag module and MyTube, allows you to facilitate your search to find the video you want.
We already have over 130 videos in various languages, and have yet to add much - so thank you for your patience and possible malfunction, or rank for this new website.
Also, the module Planet we brought together in a wire news publications of the major Xoops websites support and websites related to CMS in general.

If you post videos, thank you communicate through the contact form so that we can add them in the database for the happiness of our large and active community.

Thanks to Mariane and Burning for help on the site and to all contributors of videos.