Modules: What is "Xortify"

Posted by: wishcraftOn 2010/4/12 18:10:00 7077 reads
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Xortify offers the very best in @cloud @security, it is a @xoops client and can be adapted into @drupal & @joomla - any system that uses and can use SOAP Protocol and Detect a clients IP and hostname can take advantage of xortify.

It doesn’t just have to work in XOOPS though as it uses SOAP Protocol to communicate the IP List of banned people and submission of banned people – all needed is a client written for your application. Currently with XOOPS an application called protector is distributed with the core distribution of XOOPS.

Protector is a ingenious system to prevent DOS and other forms of malware clientele that attack systems. When protector detects an attack it moves the IP after aggression levels to a Banned List.

Currently this is only in IPv4 and does not include Proxy details which will need to be upgraded in Protector at some point for full support of Xortify and also to allow a better ban system as with php and the $_SERVER you can also capture peoples IP from behind a proxy. Xortify with XOOPS anyway was working from it latest release of 1.16 (download) will anytime someone is banned in a local installation of XOOPS, move the IP into the xorty cloud and register the details as a banned person at the cluster service at via SOAP Protocol.

Xortify on any client should also poll via SOAP protocol for the Banned IP list and prevent access to the site it is installed on for farmed attacks and other system. We use X-SOAP for the SOAP API as it is stable in the 4.25 and later series, this means you can have xortify functioning in anything that uses SOAP including Delphi application, .NET application, mainframe and is a valid list of aggressive banned IP in the xortify cloud.

Referring to the website as seen here – this is the latest banned people currently when this blog was written there is 2 test entries and 2 actual bans with the details filled by the xortify XOOPS client.

Xortify allows for XOOPS to communicate with other XOOPS Systems and obtain there Banned IP ranges from them, this is then available on your site as a known aggressive person, this ensures you are defended against these aggressive individuals.

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Of course to make it work in other CMS, you will have to write and application interface for that CMS or Software. With protector with XOOPS where not all systems have a system of protection for the internet environment and aggressive users but with XOOPS a Xortify cloud is possible due to protector and I believe Xortify should be included with distribution.

The more people use xortify the greater the cloud of security is, currently there is a small application of it, but the sky is the limit. Xortify was written by Simon Roberts (Seen above). It uses w3c standards of communication including WSDL, you can see the XOOPS wiki for more details on X-SOAP and the Xortify functions & installation.