Themes: APH4Dead - Left 4 Dead Clan Theme

Posted by: aph3xon 2010/4/8 20:50:00 5860 reads
APH4Dead is a 2 columns fixed width theme for XOOPS and other 2 forks.

In anticipation of the coming DLC for both Left 4 Dead 1 & Left 4 Dead 2 named "The Passing" I thought of modifying and adding an extra style to a theme i use on a clan site.
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Theme can be viewed live HERE.

Theme can be downloaded from HERE.

First style displays the original cast of survivors and special infected(the hunter, the smoker, the boomer), while the second style displays the new cast of survivors and also the new special infected (the spitter, the jokey and of course the charger).

The Tank and The Witch are also displayed in the header and footer so please turn off the flashlights ;)