Modules: Catads 1.53 BETA available for testing

Posted by: PeekayOn 2010/3/30 20:20:00 5676 reads
Much Kudos to TDMXoops for their work on Catads. This update is based on their 1.522 FINAL version with some issues resolved and some new features.

The module is currently in BETA, so any help fixing the problems outlined in the project page on would be much appreciated. A virtual lake of beer for anyone who fixes the search-results pagination issue!.

Unfortunately, I can only test with Xoops 2.3 and PHP/MySQL 4 so if there are any issues related to later versions I will be asking for help myself.

The English language files are updated and the default install now creates world region and country menus instead of the French regional data of the previous version. At present, to customise these menus to suit your locale you will need to edit the database tables directly. It's not hard to do, but please make a backup first.

The original French and Arabic language packs from 1.522 FINAL need some updating before they can be used, but I have made those files available for download separately if someone wants to have a go.


* Custom tags option.
* Tags are now included in search.
* Tag search now includes other tags.
* Partial postcode search supported.
* Restrict keyword search by category, town, region etc.
* Search repects expired, suspended and waiting ads.
* RSS repects expired suspended and waiting ads.
* Show-hide "For Sale" option.
* Show-hide video-field option.
* Restrict publication date option.
* No-image option for sub-categories.
* New world region and country menus.
* Click-enlarge image size set in admin.
* Ad template now uses theme CSS.
* Module 99% W3C valid for anon users.
* Blocks W3C valid, except scrolling ads.

See changelog for bug-fixes.

Download from the 'Files' page at: