Modules: Inheritable CSS & Blocks - 2.06

Posted by: wishcrafton 2010/3/13 7:00:00 5440 reads
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Inheritable CSS & Blocks - 2.06

  • Preloaders
  • Attach CSS to blocks and modules
  • Attach blocks with kernel.plugin.php to content

Inheritable CSS allows for you to dynamically control CSS being populated on a page, you can select a CSS file contained within /theme/themename/css/ to any module or block this will attach to the HTML when it occurs.

It also has different settings by providing a kernel plugin to a module, inheritable css can access the content identifiers and allow for a block to be loaded on individual pages with it own css if you may wish that or without css and just the block.

You can download after paying for an order and generating a License Key for the application at

Price: $ 49.95 (Single License)