Modules: SocialNet 2010 module is running in xoops 2.4.3

Posted by: ipwgcon 2010/1/3 14:20:00 9716 reads
SocialNet 2010 is a module that provides a Social Network, It is based on 11 modules at this momment, and othes modules sections

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1. Social Bookmarks Block
2. Clock and Calendar block
3. Google Search from the portal or from Google
4. Module Menu block
5. Random page
6. Top Page
7. Users Block Login

1. ContactUs form
2. Membership page
3. My Points
4. User Page
5. Page List

See the working SocialNet 2010 Module click here

Download from here

NOTE: Please reports any bug to release the final version. You are welcome to add your knowledge to this project.
David Yanez Osses