Modules: Formulize 3.12 released

Posted by: jegelstaffon 2009/12/22 1:40:00 6313 reads
An incremental update for Formulize has been released. Get it here:

Formulize is a module that lets you add forms and databases to your website. The 3.12 release includes the latest bug fixes, as well as a couple new features, including....

Renaming saved views (at last!). When you save an existing view again, you will be able to retype the name or accept the current name as is.

There's also an exciting new feature related to anonymous users:

Now, if a form is set as one-entry-per-user, and an anonymous user is viewing the form for the first time, they will automatically get a blank form. Previously, they would have seen the first entry created by an anonymous user, since all anonymous users actually appear to XOOPS as the same person, ie: user zero. Now, when an anonymous user goes to a one-entry-per-user form, they will get a blank form so they can create their very own entry in the form, independent of other anonymous users.

To make it even better, the ID of the entry they make will be saved on their computer in a cookie, so if they come back to the form later, they can update the entry they made instead of starting with a blank form. This gives anonymous users a convenient way to have something close to one-entry-per-user behaviour, even though they haven't actually logged in to the website.

We hope you get a lot of great use out of this release. Good luck with your sites.

--The Freeform Solutions Team