Themes: Editing XOOPS theme without opening "theme.html"

Posted by: aph3xon 2009/12/10 7:10:00 8341 reads
Making a theme to work for a module has never been easy, and customizing a theme without the hassle has never been easy either!

But this is about to change, as you will see in the screencast that follows.

This new Theme developed by Apex Themes allows you to customize several areas in it without having to edit your "theme.html" or to upload anything via FTP.

Furthermore it shows how easy it is to use the Defacer module by Trabis at its full extent again without having to edit the "theme.html" file, thanks to Defacer's ability of using blocks anywhere in your theme and templates (XOOPS 2.4 and PHP5 only)

All of this made possible by XOOPS, of course

Anyway see for yourself right HERE

Resized Image

PS. You will need Quicktime player to be able to view the video