Themes: Inspire 3 Released!

Posted by: insraqon 2009/12/4 13:40:00 5700 reads
I haven't updated this blog for a while - quite busy with some other projects. Inspire 3 was half finished and I didn't want it to die in my hard disk. So I spend some time finishing it. It took me much much longer than I expected. But it turned out to be much much better.

Resized Image


Here's what you need to know:

1. The left blocks will be displayed in the "extended" footer. Please show 4 blocks at most . The right blocks will not be displayed.
2. The "center center" blocks will be displayed in the "Spotlight" area by tabs . The block title is tab title and block content is tab content. Please do remember to give a title to each "center center" block.
3. Center left and center right blocks will be displayed under "Spotlight".
4. Except blocks mentioned above, other blocks will not be displayed.

Details and Download: