Modules: debaser 3.04 Half Finished released!

Posted by: frankblackon 2009/11/20 19:30:00 5431 reads After 256 downloads of the Half Baked-release and NO bug reports I am proud to announce the release of debaser 3.04 Half Finished. In my own nomenklatura Half Finished means BETA.

Maybe I said this before, but what is in the package?

1) Add multilingual description with no extra markup (the module xlanguage is needed)
2) Ajax search function which makes suggests for search terms
3) Inner display of players or popups
4) Public and private playlists
5) Re-encoding of MP3 with Lame (have to be installed separately)
6) Batch processing of files
7) Flash uploader with progress bar and timer
8) Adminstration for radio and tv stations
9) Per-user-directories with quota or no quota
10) Code embedding for other websites
11) Support for nearly all players also from websites like YouTube, clipfish etc. Even external players can be added
12) File manager is included
13) Script for detailed (underestimating) information added
14) Upgrade script from debaser 0.92x to debaser 3.04 Half Finished. No upgrade from alpha or pre-alpha! Read carefully the release notes for the upgrader on or displayed on the upgrade script page
15) and tons of blocks and other features I forgot to mention

Bad news as well: You have to turn on javascript to make debaser 3.04 Half Finished work properly. I kicked out some WYSIWYG editors, right now only tinyMCE and CKEditor are supported. 3.04 is meant only for XOOPS 2.3 and 2.4, but the module could! work for the 2.0-series.

Get debaser 3.04 Half Finished HERE
Get the upgrader HERE
Get the not-up-to-date-docs HERE
Punish me at the bug tracker HERE