YAXS: We love Xoops in France !!!

Posted by: bravissimoon 2002/1/13 18:21:53 3476 reads
Hi there, I launched a just a week ago a french support site for Xoops (xoops-fr) and after 7 days of life, I would say that Xoops is promised to a great avenir in the French Speaking world. All reactions (from end users or coders) are unanimous "Xoops is great" (some say "the best today"). French Xoops Community is growing day after day and our support forum is very busy. So, I would just say "Go on Folks!! You are on the right way..." and you may count with the french Xoops users to help you in Xoops dev... Alain - Xoops France (happy) Webmaster Great News! Xoops - Taking on the world :)