YAXS: Docek Nove Godine - Lists of New Year events in Serbia

Posted by: bjution 2009/10/25 20:20:00 6718 reads
Let me present you webpage called Docek Nove godine. It's a page about New Year events in Serbia (but mostly in Belgrade). This also includes New Year travel planner.

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The page is running on Xoops 2.3.3 with Xo-Rewrite mod and Trabis block anywere smarty plugin.

List of used modules:
- Protector
- XoopsCare
- Tag module
- xForms
- HappySearch (with framework)
- SmartSection (with framework)
- Boox
- News
- LatestNews
- Mastop_Publish

Tell us what you think, visit the site, and come to Belgrade to a NY party.

Link: www.docek-nove-godine.com