YAXS: Extraterrestrial Embassy - Rebuilt using 2.4.0

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Extraterrestrial Embassy
For all of Life!

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About Us

The Extraterrestrial Embassy represent all of life on earth from beyond the external distance of the last orbiting planetoid with-in the solar system which contains earth. Currently ETE representation is on a small scale environment to the historical timeline which earth abstains here and now. Of course this system is durable and able to withstand impersonality of html. More as a digital presence ETE strives to unite solidified relationships between the species that inhabit Earth Segmentation to the outer reaches of the cosmos.

Of course not all people seek passionate relationships, so many diplomatic dialogues need to be sort. If you happen to be from one of the countries of origin with earth you may wish to pursue a roll here as an Ambassador or Moderator. Of course you don’t have to be from earth we are looking for ambassorial rites and passageway with species external to the origins of earth as well. This system, is maintained in accordance with Central Prime Directives and coordinates anything from Mouse Meters to Chronological displacement and time and space travel.
ETE used TCP/IP and the internet as a protocol of communication.

We also have sections on Usenet as well such as alt.extraterrestrial.embassy, alt.extraterrestrial.discussion, alt.extraterrestrial.realestate which is part of the previous communication framework on the information interstellar highway here on earth and external communication portals. These are un-moderated section of the internet and cannot be always utilized for the correct dissemination of information on the internet.

We are not a facets of a religion or credence based in cultural understanding as this can often be benevolent and undivided truths from the reality of life in the cosmos. Of course we do not represent and individual or commercial enterprise nor country or creed, but are welcoming to you the eons of pass way of this sites construction to join and form alliances in social and statue of standings. ETE is an open gateway, you will find it is fitted with necessary tools to direct your enquiries, please if you wish join the forum or just sign up.


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