Themes: scapesound_T theme with dhtml menu

Posted by: stejcon 2002/10/23 15:20:08 6092 reads scapesound_T theme available for download... view at scapesound. Theme is currently ok under IE not tested on any other browsers, i'm not looking for feedback on this .

Included* dhtmllib.js/ menu.js/navbar.js for top menu.
Menu.js holds links, positioning and colours for menu bar / please read through comments of menu.js as any email questions for how to edit this file to suit will not be replied to if i am busy.

Download here.

images for mydownloads logo-en.gif and mylinks logo.gif. + fireworks png files can be found here

newbb buttons/ icons fireworks png files can be found here

fireworks png files for theme. can be found here