Modules: Xurl v1.2 available for download

Posted by: chco2on 2009/9/9 19:40:00 6438 reads
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version 1.2 is available

We are very proud to announce the release of the XOOPS module Xurl version 1.2.
Changes in this version:
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- QRCode! With every shortened URL created you will get a QRCode for that URL. Use it in print, videos, T-shirts, etc.. More on QRCode here.
- Some styling and languages (translation) fixes
- One new QR-block added. This block will create a QRCode for everypage that the user visits. This is a simple and great way for them to store the page that is of interest to them on their e.g. mobile phone. (please read bottom note on this)
- Security issue solved
- Users that have created shortened URLs can now visit the Xurl page and call the URL manager to manage their URLs and see some statistics.
- is used on our website. If you like to use this shortservice as well, just register to our website and start using shortcuts. Its free!

Latest version of Xurl can be found here :

Notes: This release has been earlier then expected. As a result, please do not use the Xurl QR-block on the Xurl page (results in a blanc page) and not on your forum pages if you have set your forum to use Xurl to shorten all posted URLs automatically. More on this here.