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TDMDownloads 1.0

The TDM is pleased to present TDMDownloads, a download management module.

The features of the module:

Categories :

- Management of categories with the possibility of sub categories.
- Categories can have a description, weight and image.
- Display clear admin side.

Downloads :

- Possibility to add as many additional fields as desired for downloads.
- List of downloads with filter field configurable in admin.
- Possibility to downloads note.
- Ability to propose an amendment.
- System comparison of information between the original and download the modified.
- Ability to report broken downloads.
- Ability to provide a download.
- Added the ability to make a short description of a download with a delimiter "[pagebreak] 'to define the magnitude of the short description. The short description reduces the size of the text description (downloads) on the home pages of the module and categories (with a link "more details" to see what follows).

Blocks :

- Top Rated Downloads
- The most downloaded
- Downloaded lately
- Random Downloads

Miscellaneous :

- System summary (same content as the blocks)
- Integration of CAPTCHA for anonymous users
- Possibility to use refer to a friend. If you have the module Tellafriend, it can enable this option for the link" Tell a friend" pointing to the submission form module.
- Plugin sitemap file included in the extra.
- Script to import from Mydownloads and WF-downloads.
- System administration simple and efficient.
- System permissions.

I forget a lot of features and the easiest way to get an idea is to test the module or to see the demo

Module Information :

- The module was tested with Xoops 2.3.x and can not run on a 2.0.x ...
- Available in French and English.

A big thank you to the following:

Kraven30 for his help and support. Burning for his ideas, Marianne for the English translation.

The module links:

Download | Support | Demo