Modules: Xoops Time Tracker (Alpha) Released

Posted by: harkovon 2002/10/18 1:48:03 4071 reads The Xoops Time Tracker Module has been released in an alpha state.

XTT is a time tracker module, similar to time tiger, that allows users to track time on projects, with clients, or on a category basis.

This 'alpha' version is a complete xoops module, with a user block and admin interface.

The admin interface currently supports:
o Category (Add/Edit/Delete)
o Project (Add/Edit/Delete)
o Client (Add/Edit/Delete)

The user block currently supports:
o Logging Time
o Review Time
o Deleteting Time Records

Soon to come:
o Administrative Reports
o Editing Time Records

It can be downloaded on sourceforge:
XTT Source Forge Project

If you'd like to help out on the project, please feel free to join up on sourceforge.