Themes: IXThemes - and whether it is necessary to simplify?

Posted by: algalochkinon 2009/6/13 22:41:18 6599 reads Greetings! There is an opinion, that themes for XOOPS should be simple and easily changed by any user without special knowledge in Javascript, CSS or HTML. However - we believe that themes in the future will become complex as browsers, CSS and Javascript become complex. Soon there will appear 3D and Flash themes for XOOPS. It is impossible to imagine that casual users or owners of sites can correct something in such themes. The IXThemes Project sincerely believes that the innovative way consists in introduction of new knowledge and technologies in development and does not believe in spending of several months by the user on coloring of a theme (unless some "designers" are engaged). So we respond to wishes of XOOPS XOOPS and will simplify our themes if it is really necessary. Now we offer the simplified version of a theme, is named ixt019_13.
ixt019_13 XOOPS theme
In this theme the background is simplified, at the expense of it loading is accelerated. We recommend this theme for sites with a considerable quantity of pictures, for example for photographers. You can download this XOOPS Theme from here.
Regards, IXThemes Project