YAXS: Jwele.es - Computer brand in Andalusia, Spain

Posted by: DonCuriosoon 2009/5/29 14:30:00 5772 reads
We´re proud to announce a Xoops Site, made in 48 hours (thx Xoops!).

Using many classic modules, Jwele in Andalusia have one the best CMS you´ll find over internet (Xoops, of course), giving a total control to our customer.

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Jwele is a well-knowed brand in motherboards. They´ve awesome models, like MINIX 780G, a very very little & powerful motherboard, or JWTN61S, the same i use an very happy with it, 100% recommended

We will include a shop module (from Instant-Zero, of course), but we must to wait because the owner wants to move website to a new server. (actually, he´s hosting himself).

Our best wishes for them. We´re proud to use Xoops for our projects. Thanks Xoops!!!