YAXS: Biznis i Finansije running on Xoops

Posted by: bjutiOn 2009/5/20 4:20:00 7005 reads
Biznis & Finansije is a online edition of serbian print magazine of the same name.

It's running on Xoops 2.3.3 but the most of it is developed under XOOPS 2.3.1. I want to thang Catzwolf for a great help of updating the site on 2.3.3, because it doesn't worked as planned.

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Used modules:
News 1.63 with few template and comment hacks
SmartSection 2.14 (I had no time to wait for Publisher or Article 2 to be in final stage)
SmartObject Framework
MyTabs 2.1
Protector 3.2
UserProfile 1.51
Tag Module 2.3b (with a little hack/fix for SmartSection, but now I have some problems in News module :) )
RSS Fit 1.22
LatestNewsBlock 0.72
Liaise 1.27
MasTopPublish 1.1
SiteMap 1.3
WF-Downloads 3.2 (with a lot of templates hack)
MySearch 1.1
XM-Spotlight 1.02 (hacked by myself to work on 2.3 branch and I'm looking for a replacement, but in vain)
XoopsCare 1.3
XoopsPool 1.2
AltSys 0.61
Boox 1.6
XOOPS DB backup & restore 3.0
Oledrion 2.1
Dummy 0.1
Planet 0.2
MyComments 1.0

The theme is modified Community_Live, with a JQuery javascript framework used for some effects on the site.

Also, there is URL rewrite smarty plugin.

At the end I use php_speedy to speed up the whole site.

I'm sure that I've missed something, but who can remember a tons of hacks. I'm not very happy that Xoops missing some great stuff 'from the box' but I like it, and using it more than 5 years. :)