Modules: xPNews 1.1 - NNTP Protocol News

Posted by: wishcraftOn 2009/4/26 9:00:00 5900 reads
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NNTP Protocol newsgroup browser for XOOPS 2. This newsgroup browser allows you to connect your XOOPS to any NNTP Protocol news service, including mime type parser and clear text browsing.

You can cross post, reply and make new posts to your Usenet or NNTP service on your own server. Based on PNews the GNU PHP newsgroup browser this title will allow you to access some of the older areas of the internet before the website.

Newgroups are the orginal forums, these are available to most people and offer the enticement of older areas and protocols of the internet.

Xoops has a usenet area and we would like you to connect to it just add xoops* to your groups.

Download today : (76Kb)