Modules: Tools module update to 2.0beta2 add Blocks anywhere

Posted by: ezskycnOn 2009/4/8 14:00:00 6251 reads
Another smarty plungin for block callback in anywhere.
there are two methods
The first is simple call like following:
<{xoBlk module="system" file="system_blocks.php" show_func="b_system_search_show"  template="system_block_search.html"}>

The another is template formart like following:
<{xoBlkTpl module="system" file="system_blocks.php" show_func="b_system_search_show" }>
form style="margin-top: 0px;" action="<{$xoops_url}>/search.php" method="get">
input type="text" name="query" size="14" /><input type="hidden" name="action" value="results" /><br /><input type="submit" value="<{$block.lang_search}>" />
a href="<{$xoops_url}>/search.php" title="<{$block.lang_advsearch}>"><{$block.lang_advsearch}>a>

have fun!
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