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version 1.30

this module to label nullos
The nullos of FrXoops have the honor to submit the last module tested and perfectly integrated into the repository.

Funy module is a management client-side scripting (javascript)

This script can manage animation style images that fall, or across the screen, snow or other

An event handler allows you to automatically manage the triggering of animations, how much time and the periodic renewal of the latter;
For example it is possible to bring down the snow at Christmas or Easter bells, by programming the start and end animations.
For the moment the animation library is not very rich, but as designed it as a plugin, it is quite possible to develop its own activities and integrate them into the library.

Plugin in the package:

* Images that falls
* Popup window display of the proverb of the day
* Snow or other image that falls as rain
* Text that undulates

What's new in this version:

* This version allows you to manage the tag used to insert the javascript in the file "theme.html. These tags can be either in the block "funy_action" is in the file "theme.html.

This management is aimed at insider smarty, javascript, html, ...
If you do not you let the options in this tab unchanged.
The value of this management is to allow the insertion of Javascript code more refined and specific locations for future plugins.
* New AK14 plugin which posts a Disclamer (Please note this plugin requires that the tags are inserted in the subject, see the tab tag module) .
* Changing tables for better development.
* Added plugin settings in the "snow"

Version 1.30

* New plugins: transition avalanche rebound ...
* Fixed various bugs
* Modification of tree plugins
* Harmonization of tags in the templates

Important: If you installed a previous version, uninstall the first, and delete all files from the old version.

This version is not fully compatible with the previous ones.

SITE nullos

funy 1.30