Modules: WF-Channel 2.03 and WF-Resource 1.04 released

Posted by: CatzwolfOn 2009/2/13 17:30:00 6586 reads
I have uploaded the latest versions of WF-Channel and WF-Resource to the Sourceforge website.

You can download them from these link:

WF-Projects Sourceforge

Please download the two modules and install them for proper working order.

What is WF-Channel?

WF-Channel is a module to display Misc pages on your website. This module is not a replacement for a content module, though it could be easily used as such if required.

WF-Channel can also display a 'Link to US' and 'Refer' pages.

WF-Channel Fixes:
=>Version 2.03
- Fixed: Duplicate and Duplicate All would copy the default var across to the new page. Now duplicate and duplicate pages will set this option to 0 during the copy process.
- Fixed: Bug in the WF-Resource check function function. Wasn't correctly checking to see if is the module was an object first.
- Fixed: Missing uninstall.php file.
- Fixed: Added complete check on whether 'XoopsEditor' was available or not. If XoopsEditor is not available then WF-Channel will use
XoopsFormDhtmlTextArea instead.
- Fixed: Linebreaks for links and refer would always return on even if saved as off.
- Fixed: Language issues when not using english as default. This has now been corrected.
- Fixed: Page navigation in main index added an extra 'index' to the url.
- Fixed: The default page on index would state that no index page was choosen. This would happened sometimes if the page navigation was used.
- Added: When you update WF-Channel from the Xoops Module admin, WF-channel will automatically update the tables with the new fields. So you don't have to update from WF-Channel admin now.
- Added: The updater will now automatically update some fields like dohtml, dosmilies etc when updating from v1 to v2. This is due to changed behavioue with these fields.
- Added: Due to a compatability issue, WF-Channel will check to see if the var (pagenum) is being used and convert it to the new (cid) var.
This is to keep external links alive.
- Added: Added more XOOP_ROOT_PATH checks to files to prevent people opening outwith the XOOPS_ROOT_PATH
- Changed: Removed some unwanted files from the package.
- Fixed: "Error: 1364 Field 'wfc_search' doesn't have a default value"
- Changed: Changed all text values within database to default NULL rather than NOT null values.

WF-Resource 1.04

=>version 1.04
- Fixed language issues within this module.
- Fixed: Fixed issues with 'editor class'. Should now know that if the class does exist or not properly.
- Changed: The method that the Xoopsform classes are included. WF-Resource will include these functions to overcome
conflicts with newer classes that the WF-Modules require without having to touch the core files.
- Added: New Class: Tab class. Class to add tabs to any page etc if required
- Added: New Class: Mimetype class. added a generic mimetype class. This class will be used for future modules.
- Added: New Class: Sessions class. Adds custom sessions to be used with future modules.
- Added: New Class: Votes class. This class is to add a voting system to modules.
- Added: New Class: Tree class. This class extends the xoops tree class (tree.php) to all for an 'onchange' functionality in the pulldown menu.
- Added: Added the following Xoopsform classes to the package:
- Added: A modified version of 'xoopsformelement' class.
- Added: Added XoopsThemeTabForm Class. This modified XoopsThemeForm will allow for tabbed forms. To be used in future WF-Project Modules.