Modules: Match Module (to be used in conjuntion with the profile module in ver 2.30)

Posted by: Shivaon 2009/1/31 14:50:00 7390 reads
A module to be used in conjunction with the profile module. It can be used as a dating module or other purposes suitable for an advanced social networking website for xoops.

Download here

How to use:

1. Use the profile module to create fields as per normal.
2. Use the match module to have set it's own permissions on each field as created by the profile module.
3. Match module will have it's own profile page set according to it's permissions
4. Profile can be activated / De-activated by the user (modules/match/activategroup.php)
5. Search for members who's profile has also been activated in the Match module
6. Add/remove members to a favorite group (modules/match/mycontacts.php)
7. A new block with all the options must be enabled and visible for the additional options:

* add/remove to favorites,
* Search,
* View profile

enabling the users profile to be

More info:
Essentially this module is a modification of the profile module, with a lot if it taken out and some new things added and some other things changed. I created it because one of clients needed a dating module with some additional flexibility like the option to provide access to this functionality to those users who are premium members (paying members).