Modules: Olédrion 2.1, the e-Commerce module for Xoops by Instant Zero

Posted by: Mambaon 2009/1/28 19:20:00 9619 reads
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Our good friends at Instant-Zero announced a new version of their e-Commerce module - Olédrion (read here)

We are very happy to inform you of the release of a new version of our Xoops e-Commerce module, Olédrion.
This new version brings some new functionalities, for example you can now use a tag system to enhance your shop but this new version also come with some bugs corrections.

If you are updating from a previous version, just replace the current files available on your site with the new files from the new version.
After uploading files to your website, update the module in the Xoops modules manager.

There was some changes in the module's translations.
You can consult the list of modifications in the lang.diff file.

New installation
Copy the files to your website, like any other module, and install it from the Xoops modules manager.
Don't forget to configure the Paypal gateway, to set the module's preferences and to have a look at the file config.php (present at the module's root)

You can download this new version of our Xoops module here : ... ry/product.php?prod_id=10
or on Google Code :
or on Sourceforge :

What do we plan for the next releases?
- We are planning to rewrite the products shipping to be more flexible and adapted to the different cases
- An attributes system for products
- More gateways
- Some modifications to the module's administration for the case when you have many products

Paying services
If you need some paying services for Olédrion, you can contact us with this form:

We are developing some payment gateways for the different payment systems.
Actually, with the public version, you get a Paypal gateway but it you need a different gateway, we can develop it.
It's part of our paying services.
We will inform you of the available gateways.
Contact us if you need a new gateway.

- You can now use the Xoops TAG module
- In the file config.php, you can select where to place the "duplicated" word (at the beginning or at the end of the product's title and in the reductions)
- In config.php, addition of an option to select the visible tabs in the module's administration (see config.php for some explanations)
- There was a problem in the CSS class used to represent the breadcrumb in the categories page
- The products duplication had several problems :
a) The attached files were not save
b) The product's picture and thumb was identical to the original product so in case of deletion (the original product), the pictures of the clone product were also removed (de facto)
- Addition of a new parameter in config.php, "OLEDRION_RELATED_BOTH"
When this option is set to false, if Product A has Product B as a related product but Product A is not noted as related to Product B then the display of product A will display Product B as a related product.
But Product B will not show Product A as a related product.
When this option is set to true, Product A and Product B display each other as two related products even if Product A was not set as a related product to Product A.

By default this option is set to false to respect the initial module's behavior.
- When sending template mails, the module is now verifying that the language folder for your translation exists (if you are not English).
If the translation folder does not exist then it will use the English folder.
- The cache Lite class was updated
- New translations (see lang.diff)

Happy e-Commerce with Xoops and Olédrion,
Instant Zero