Modules: Formulize 3 is here

Posted by: jegelstaffOn 2008/10/12 7:50:00 12859 reads
Finally, it's here! Formulize 3 RC1 is now available for download, packed with over a year's worth of updates and fixes. Formulize 3 includes a complete redesign of the data storage structure, based around one table per form. This will make whole new directions of development possible, including easy integration with other data management systems. Other great stuff in this release: * Formulize can now read any datatable in the database, not just its own forms -- make lists of entries from any set of data you want (read only though) * Amazingly flexible search operators now available right in the "quicksearch" boxes (full reference is in the readme file) * Way, way more options for controlling how your forms and applications appear and are used (see the change log for over 50 major additions) * Registration Codes has had a complete admin-side makeover so you can now modify your existing codes. The approval process is a lot more robust as well. * Even iMenu has a neat new feature which lets it check Formulize and Pageworks for the permissions on pages, so you don't have to manually duplicate permissions which you've already set elsewhere. This is the most important release of Formulize yet, and paves the way for great advances in interoperability and flexibility. We couldn't be more excited. Our deep thanks go out to all those who have helped along the way, especially our clients who have been responsible for the overwhelming majority of the contributions to the project. Here are some of the major participants: Actua Let's Talk Science Canadians for Health Research The Australasian College of Sports Physicians The MAP project at the University of Western Ontario The Ontario Association of Children's Aid Societies The Science and Technology Awareness Network The Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada Imagine Canada Formulize is the product of a development commons that all those organizations, and others, have been participating in, so that their different data management needs can be met by a common underlying technology. It's an exciting way to bring the power of open source to problems that would normally be too small or specialized to produce a viable project. Thanks for reading! --The Freeform Solutions Team