Modules: Frameworks for XOOPS 2.3+ is released

Posted by: phpppOn 2008/10/12 5:20:00 9590 reads
Frameworks provides a collective of common functions, classes, service packages like fpdf, tranfser that are required or can be used by modules.

This package is dedicated for XOOPS 2.3+, including: fpdf, geshi, pear, transfer. Some basic packages have been released with XOOPS 2.3+ core, including art, compat.

Download from sourceforge repository.

user guide:

1 upload /Frameworks/ to your XOOPS root path:

2 configure preferences where applicable
2.1 ./fpdf/language/: make your local langauge file based on english.php, you could check schinese.php as example, or inline comments in english.php
2.2 ./transfer/:
2.2.1 ./transfer/language/: make your local langauge file based on english.php
2.2.2 ./transfer/modules/: for developers only, add transfer handler for your module, or store the file as: XOOPS/modules/mymodule/include/plugin.transfer.php
2.2.3 ./transfer/plugin/: add items available for the transfer
2.2.4 ./transfer/plugin/myplugin/config: configurations for a plugin
2.2.5 ./transfer/plugin/myplugin/language/: make your local langauge file based on english.php
2.2.6 ./transfer/bar.transfer.php: set "$limit" for number of plugins that will be displayed on a front page;