Modules: UHQ-RadioBasic v1.01 Released

Posted by: iunderwoodon 2008/9/6 2:50:00 5922 reads Resized Image

It's with great pleasure I announce the first full release of UHQ-RadioBasic!

Originally born from the UHQ-Radio project, this basic edition's sole job is to provide a block which can provide a simple status for either a Shoutcast or IceCast based streaming radio station. It will also support an IceCast failover mount if you use one.

This module parses XML stat files only, and thus you will need to get the appropriate passwords from your stream host.

You can download it here.

From the Changelog (since UHQ-Radio v0.02):

==[ version 1.01 ]====[ 2009.09.05 ]==

* Blocks: Fixed output in conditions where there is no in IceCast XML, and no " - " in the title to split with. Now, title-only output is assumed w/o a delimiter.
* Blocks: Default values are now set properly.

* Blocks: Option to supress offline error messages. This can always be turned on for troubleshooting.
* Rename module to uhq_radiobasic. Uninstall any older release before installing this one.
* Update module logo for XOOPS 2.3.

==[ version 1.00 RC ]====[ 2008.08.18 ]==

* Extract and use listener count from the stream server.

* Rename to uhq-radio-basic - version 1.0 release.