Modules: Olédrion, a native e-Commerce module for XOOPS by Instant Zero

Posted by: instantzeroOn 2008/8/25 19:10:00 21982 reads
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The XOOPS Community will finally have a native top-notch eCommerce module!

In 2006, for two of our clients we developed Bookshop, an eCommerce Xoops module for selling books.
Development of this module was a great learning experience and we've received a lot of feedback and ideas from its users, so we decided to developed something more generic - Olédrion.

Olédrion (which previously was also named "Myshop") is a Xoops module based entirely on Bookshop, but which allows the sale of any items, not only books, i.e. sale of "physical" products as well as of intangible products (such as PDF or download files for example).

We are very pleased to announce that today we are releasing this revolutionary native XOOPS eCommerce module to the XOOPS Community

Before to give you a summary of the module's features, we would like to draw your attention on 2 points:

1) The module requires PHP 5 (a very recent version)
2) A recent version of MySQL is also necessary (at least a 4.3)

Here is a brief summary of its features:
1/ Vendors manager
2/ VAT (Value Added Tax) manager
3/ Categories manager
4/ Manufacturers manager
5/ Advanced products management (with the possibility of linking an unlimited number of files for each product)
6/ Orders manager
7/ A very advanced Discounts manager
8/ Newsletter
9/ Inventory Control
10/ Online and off-line payment
11/ Use an internal cache to limit Mysql queries
12/ RSS
13/ Integrated with the XOOPS search (and advanced search)
14/ Notifications system for sales
15/ Several blocks
16/ Integration of the XOOPS comments
17/ URL Rewriting
18/ Compatibility with XOOPS AND XOOPS 2.3

The module is available in French and English.
The English translation is not of good quality so we are looking for people to improve it.
We are also looking for translations into other languages.
If you are able to translate the module in your own language, we would be grateful if you could contact us through our website.

Writing documentation is underway and once again, we will call for the community to help us in its translation into various languages.

The module's Logo and Icon were difficult to find, therefore we would love to receive some ideas from the artistic talents of the XOOPS community.

With regard to the discounts manager, we tried to make a manager that is as flexible as possible.
However, each case is unique and you should no doubt that it's not possible to make a module that meets the demand for each, therefore there might be some customization needed.

Similarly, on methods of payment, there are an infinite number of online payments, some are even specific to some countries.
At the moment, the module comes with 2 methods of payment:
1) Paypal (which is an online payment widespread and very reliable)
2) "off line" payment (you can validate orders manually)

If you need an online payment method or a specific discount manager, different from what is currently in the module, you can contact us so that we estimate the work needed.

You can download the module here :

You can report the bugs you find and/or the ideas you have with our forum :

The module's installation is the same as for any other module for XOOPS : download the module, unpack it, copy the files on your site, go to the XOOPS modules manager XOOPS and install it.
If you can't see the module's icon in the XOOPS modules manager, we advise you to delete the file ".htaccess" from the module's directory (but you will not be able to use URL rewriting)

Following the installation, we recommend that you change the file "config.php" at the root of the module.
This file allows you, in addition to the preferences of the module, to settle certain parameters of the module.

If you want to be informed of the actuality of Olédrion, we suggest you to subscribe to a newsletter dedicated to the module :

- To work with Paypal, the module must be accessible to anonymous users, as after a payment, the Paypal site communicates with the module.
- Once the module is installed, we recommend you go to the module's Administration and follow the tabs order to work with the module
- In the module's Administration, located at the bottom of the page, there is a link to Instant Zero and a tab that shows our contact form, we are asking you to keep them intact. Similarly, templates pages and blocks contain an html comment indicating that Instant Zero is the creator of the module. Given that this is an html comment, it is not indexed by search engines, again, we would be grateful if you do not delete this comment.
- The module is placed under the GPL, it means that you can use it freely and modify it, but it also means that you do not have the right to remove headers which contain our copyrights.
- The templates can be changed easily too, if you need customization, you can contact us so that we estimate the work to be done
- Olédrion is a registered trademark of Instant Zero
- A project on Sourceforge (and on Google Code) were established, they will be used as a download mirror and perhaps for their SVN
- The module, once unpacked, reaches 25 MB

Happy XOOPSing,
Instant Zero