Modules: X-Forum 4.04

Posted by: wishcrafton 2008/8/7 5:50:00 5583 reads Resized ImageX-Forum is a completely extensible forum module for XOOPS, this is the complete stable release of the first version which seem to have an emptology problem from an absent area outside xoops. It does require Frameworks 1.35 as soon it will include graphs and forum performance analysis.

Designed for XOOPS 2.3 and earlier version, it was written in response to problems with earlier forum titles, that had in some cases installation issues. With a broad range of options. X-Forum is a great solution to your forum requirements, complete with RSS Features and image management.

It will utilise a wide range of options and allow your community to discuss issues, raise topic and solution. Complete with .htaccess example and SEO with a medium URL.

This is the lite edition of X-Forum, there will one with all those lovely features like topic and forum graphing quiet soon.


Resized Image Resized Image

If you want to transfer from previous forum titles for xoops, you can use this SQL Injection:

truncate `database`.`prefix_xf_attachments`;
truncate `database`.`prefix_xf_categories`;
truncate `database`.`prefix_xf_digest`;
truncate `database`.`prefix_xf_forums`;
truncate `database`.`prefix_xf_moderates`;
truncate `database`.`prefix_xf_online`;
truncate `database`.`prefix_xf_posts`;
truncate `database`.`prefix_xf_posts_text`;
truncate `database`.`prefix_xf_reads_forum`;
truncate `database`.`prefix_xf_reads_topic`;
truncate `database`.`prefix_xf_report`;
truncate `database`.`prefix_xf_topics`;
truncate `database`.`prefix_xf_votedata`;
insert into `database`.`prefix_xf_archiveselect from `database`.`prefix_bb_archive`;
insert into `database`.`prefix_xf_attachmentsselect from `database`.`prefix_bb_attachments`;
insert into `database`.`prefix_xf_categoriesselect from `database`.`prefix_bb_categories`;
insert into `database`.`prefix_xf_digestselect from `database`.`prefix_bb_digest`;
insert into `database`.`prefix_xf_forumsselect from `database`.`prefix_bb_forums`;
insert into `database`.`prefix_xf_moderatesselect from `database`.`prefix_bb_moderates`;
insert into `database`.`prefix_xf_onlineselect from `database`.`prefix_bb_online`;
insert into `database`.`prefix_xf_postsselect from `database`.`prefix_bb_posts`;
insert into `database`.`prefix_xf_posts_textselect from `database`.`prefix_bb_posts_text`;
insert into `database`.`prefix_xf_reads_forumselect from `database`.`prefix_bb_reads_forum`;
insert into `database`.`prefix_xf_reads_topicselect from `database`.`prefix_bb_reads_topic`;
insert into `database`.`prefix_xf_reportselect from `database`.`prefix_bb_report`;
insert into `database`.`prefix_xf_topicsselect from `database`.`prefix_bb_topics`;
insert into `database`.`prefix_xf_votedataselect from `database`.`prefix_bb_votedata`;