Developer News: Heads up: XOOPS is on Usenet!! :-v

Posted by: wishcrafton 2008/8/1 7:30:00 5748 reads I have some great news for xoops for all the team and people involved, we now have our own complete section in UseNet, if you are wondering what UseNet is you may have at one point seen something like google tunneling you into a group like alt.topics or sci.facility or even soc.something this isn't actually google it is UseNet. Back in the BBS days Usenet was still there. Before TCP/IP was around it use to run on Netbeui and Netbios with it domain lookup and so on running over Netbios and sydnicate with various tiers of services using something similar to a push data system.

You may remember something like fido net (fido7) and so on all BBS' this was all syndicated through UseNet. It is a great honor to be accepted as a project on some of the oldest and often picky infrastructure like UseNet, only the big company in there Omni global instantiations are available on UseNet (Newgroups) like Microsoft or Novell and so on.

If you have a suggestion and as well would like your Support Site on the xoops UseNet abstraction then please contact me I will have it added, remember this is a fantasic addition to their network, you don't find any other CMS or Portal system like Joomla or Drupal or any of the ASP one even mentioned in there. UseNet was the basis of old day forum systems, it is what forum and blogging systems have been modeled on.

The groups currently:


You will notice in the next couple of days thought the immense networking in UseNet you will see this in your browser.

Resized Image

I will be soon writing a UseNet Syndicator that with a Cron allows you to syndicate your site, ie. News (announces), Forum topics and so on with Usenet and back from Usenet as well.

I was wondering what people think about doing this as well like groups for this:

For our international support sites, I haven't done this initially as there is no quick point and click solution to the syndication but soon there will be.

Look forward to hearing about your responses.