Modules: Dr. Usage - 1.54

Posted by: wishcraftOn 2008/7/21 4:00:00 6520 reads
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This is a simple graphing system for system visits and usage, it will be extended further in the future but I hope you like this simple graph. You will need to add the block to the pages you want it to track the usage on.

With XOOPS Usage Graph you can follow the progress of your Xoops Usage with visits and click with this useful tool. This module requires the XOOPS Framework version of 1.35

This also tracks is integrity which should never drop below 100% unless you have some form of paranormal activities happening within your domain which in this graphs early stages of deployment we even noticed there was in our system.

This will display a graph over selectable range of hours which will show you the user usage of your system.

What's New

Well I have added an option so you can select over a period of weeks you can choose when it drops the records from the history. I have also added Filled Line Graphs and Bar graphs, as well as adding an option to turn off the block usage marking.

Downloads: (20Kb)

Technology Future Applications

Well Mamba has asked me to make an industrial strength version of the multixoops which I will be doing in my co-operatives ersity networks site, this will also need to include a complete policy management system which will also use this trawling method to ban people that cause system usage integrity issues.


Just have to wait for my new DSL connection. As my 60Gb changed to 15Gb but from before which really isn't enough for programming, which none of my network engineers friends could ever see me signing up to in the first place, but none of the data was erased in this stunt by the management of veritel or bigair & well.. you know sydnet atm.