Developer News: Nat Sakimura joins the XOOPS Developement Team

Posted by: Mambaon 2008/6/4 6:10:00 9561 reads We are very happy to announce that Nat Sakimura, is officially joining the XOOPS Development Team.

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Nat Sakimura is the author for XOOPS OpenID module, and he will be implementing OpenID into XOOPS core for XOOPS 2.3* or 2.4, perhaps with another XOOPS core developer, while DJ will be working with him to implement OpenID into XOOPS 3.0

You can download the OpenID module from here...

Please extend a warm "welcome back" to Nat Sakimura.

With this we would like to officially extend an invitation to all past, non-active XOOPS developers to come back and join us on the journey of making XOOPS the best CMS in the world. We are sure that while you were away, you've learned a lot of new things and programming tricks, from which XOOPS could benefit. We've had couple of rough years, but we believe that we are now on track to something really awesome, and we would like you to be part of it.

There will be more exciting news coming....