YAXS: Mykart, a XOOPS module for Karting results

Posted by: instantzeroon 2008/4/14 18:30:00 7771 reads
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A few months ago, one of our customers specialized in the karting world, asked us to create a module to manage sports results.
That's when "Mykart" was born.

With this module, our client can manage circuits, rankings, pilots, teams and racing results. (plus some other elements like meteo and the different types of karts).

After this information is entered, the circuits owners can enter the racing results (by course, by pilot and/or team), and when they are done, the module creates pilots and circuits ranking.

In addition to enabling pilots to manage their own details, it is possible to see the results of each driver per race.
Some statistics indicate the number of races, the number of podiums, the number of pole positions and their best time in the race.

Actually, the module manages more than 300 pilots and more than 280 circuits.

AJAX was once again used to improve the user experience.
For example, the module allows the auto completion of the fields that contain pilot's names or number.
We invite you to visit that site and watch the results of our work

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