Modules: inTHEtube - a YouTube video search Module

Posted by: tzvookon 2008/4/8 22:20:00 13263 reads
What is the inTHEtube:
inTHE tube is a tiny addition to your xoops site, letting you add YouTube search and/or custum-keywords videos to your site.

1. you can as much keywords as you want, each keyword with the number of videos you want it to show
2. you can choose which keyword(s) will be the default and it's videos will be shown in the first module page.
3. you can choose it to show search box or not
4. you can choose if to show custum keywords or not
5. you can call the module with a url (details below).
6. I'm too tired to remember ....

Demo and download:

xoops version 2.0.x , 2.2.x
(tested just with 2.2.4 , but should work with all versions)

Why Version 0.9 ?
The module code still a bit masssy and should be cleaned, most of the language vars are hardcoded, still no blocks (quite easy, but no time to ...)
Still - it's ready for production, so it better serve the one that need a little spice for their site
and I'll improove it later on - in future versions (hope time will let me do it soon)

Upload to modules directory and install as usual...
Change the title of the block from gifts to whatever keyword you choose as your default keyword.
Set up other config options in the Xoops Preferences for the module...

Interaction with other modules:
You can call inTHEtube from anywhere (or any other xoops module) with a url call (like: ... ber_of_videos_to_show>
so it's easy to add it to xoops search or cbb search or any other module (tags , article and so on ...)

No known bugs (yet?) ... but there are some Ajax issues with some charsets, and the module won't send the keywords to Youtube as it should ...

comments are welcome - especially since the module is ajax and css based, and when dealing with a lot of client-side stall, there are always browsers incompibilities ...

while in our site ( ) feel free to add your site (gifts or shopping related) and promote it ...