Modules: X-Torrent 1.32 - Final Release

Posted by: wishcrafton 2008/4/6 15:18:14 9097 reads
Module: x-Torrent
Author: Simon Roberts (+ Others)
Version: 1.32
SourceForge: X-Torrent
Wiki: X-Torrent on Xoops
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What is X-Torrent

Resized ImageX-Torrent is a complete torrent solution for Xoops 2.0.x,2.2.x,2.3.x There is alot of potential in torrent sharing, this allows you a company, business, personal or eductional institute to distribute data via torrents which is useful.

Due to the large volume of difference between internet speeds in the world, torrents now consist of over 18% of broadband traffic and over 37% of dialup traffic for downloading files. Torrents are becoming a commodity these day from small to large files.

Currently x-Torrent offers a large range of options, but we will be releasing a new version in around 6 months, if some spare time comes in we will be writting in more options and systems.

This version is the final bug fix before we work on version 2.x which we may depending on release date estimates wait for xoops 3.0 before developing.

What will be in later versions?
* Graphs and Statistics - individual torrent + network.
* RSS Feed
* Single Tracker Listing Corruption problem

Bug Fixes:
* Seeds/Leeches count on torrent data linked to tracker
* Open Tracker Corrupted Torrents
* Single Tracker Listing Corruption problem


* Tracker/Announce
* Standardised Interface
* Smarty Templates
* Remote Polling Capabilities
* Network Redirection

System Requirements:

* Xoops 2.0.x
* Xoops 2.2.x

Try it out if you have BitTorrent or uTorrent or some other tracker supporting torrent software then have a go downloading it as a torrent.