Modules: X-Soap 2.3

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Resized ImageModule: x-Soap
Author: Simon Roberts
Version: 2.3
Wiki: X-Soap

x-Soap is an extension library for XOOPS, it is a soap server that is design to have a secure syndication method for customised crons and systems integration with a 3rd Party. You can share any part of your xoops database securely with x-soap plugins include post, retrieve and update, views & schemers control, you can introduce your own plug-in for the system, complete with permission's and access rights.

Has its own plug-in interface which can be controlled by user groups, includes password and username interface.

SOAP is a w3c Standard XML Exchange, this a full WDSL and Standard Soap Server for XOOPS.

Security Vulnerability Fixed - No Union in clause

Download: (171Kb)