Modules: x-Torrent 1.30rc

Posted by: wishcrafton 2008/3/2 3:25:22 11418 reads Module: x-Torrents
Author: Simon Roberts (+ Others)
Version: 1.30rc
Download: (273Kb)
Wiki: X-Torrent

x-Torrents is a comprehensives module for xoops that allows for uploading and submission of external torrents. Including the ability to publish news about torrents and also have forum associations.

x-Torrent is a module which offer full control of torrents in xoops, it will poll the torrents as well as download file information, seeds, leeches, trackers etc, of the torrent.

It is a modified version of wfDownload by the wf Team. Completely tested x-Torrent will allow you to manipulate and maintain your torrent library with easy forms and standised interface.

The announce appears from the file You can redirect this at the root with a .htaccess file to something that is shorter.

You can even link your xoops platforms via an API with X-Soap this allows you with advanced crons to compare database crons using an XML SOAP transport layer, this means your torrent network with your friend can share database, even usernames and passwords, you can even add other functions into the /include/server.php file.

This is just one of the great advantages of the xoops server platform.