YAXS: JigJak releases V2.0

Posted by: lintuon 2008/2/22 13:49:35 7719 reads
JigJak the site that helps you discover the best of web, has just released their 2.0 version. If you are not familiar with JigJak, it mashes up blogging, social bookmarking and syndication on a community-based portal.

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Version 2.0 is packed with new features :

- A complete site re-design to offer a new look with more Web 2.0 features. The new site design is more encouraging of user activity, granting additional opportunities to become a valued member within the community, and recognized as such. The navigation has been made simple enough that even our grandmothers can use it.

- Import and store your browser bookmarks on JigJak from your home or work PC and access them from anywhere.

- A browser bookmarklet that lets you tag and share websites with just one click.

- A powerful search engine that returns results based on keywords, user rating, popularity and tag, which will make searching for relevant content a breeze.

- A Social Network - allows members to have a personal album of pictures, videos from youTube, a list of friends, a public wall for messages(scraps) , create/belong to communities and much much more. Members are able to easily make social connections with other individuals interested in just about any topic by adding them to their network.

- Daily feeds of the latest news, YouTube Videos, Sports coverage, Health/Financial News, local weather - all in one place

- RSS Feeds which allows you to see when sites from all over the internet have added new content. You can get the latest headlines and articles in one place, as soon as they are published, without having to remember to visit these sites every day.

JigJak membership is free of charge!!

Click here to visit.

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Daily Feeds:
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