YAXS: XOOPS toplist update

Posted by: php-deluxeon 2008/2/20 0:32:04 7603 reads
what is new on xoopszone?

the xoopszone team is pleased to announce new features on xoopszone.de

1. you can read news from the xoopszone - Blog and News
2. we can help you to promote your xoops site - Xoops Web Tipps and
3. now you can read rss feeds from other xoops sites - RSS Center

and here are infos for the xoops toplist:

xoopszone.de has opened a toplist for XOOPS Sites. If you want to promote your site, this will be another place to leave a link to your site and perhaps, get some visitors (and even a backlink) more. They have just opened their doors for registration, so hurry up. Every XOOPS (and it’s forks) Site is welcome. Visit Xoops Toplist on xoopszone.de.

we can i add my xoops site?

1. please register on xooszone.de click to register
2. approve your registration
3. add the following code in your xoops site

<a href="http://www.xoopszone.de/toplist+index.htm" rel="nofollow" title="xoops topliste">
img src="http://www.xoopszone.de" alt="xoops topliste" border="0" height="15" width="80"></a>

so far.

regards and happy xoopsing